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Thanks for
your interest in Nutrition Coaching!

At this point I can see clients virtually in both Alberta and Manitoba. 

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Free 20 Minute

Discovery Call


20 minutes 


Not sure if nutrition coaching is for you? Don't let your questions keep you from moving forward. Ask about my philosophy, your history, and whether we would be a good fit for one another in a free 20 minute discovery session. 

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Individual 1:1 Session


1 hour 15 minutes

$150 CAD

My clients have their best results when seeing me for a minimum of 3-4 months. However, if you desire an individual session just to check up on your nutrition or ask me questions, this may be a good fit for you! 

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Jumpstart Package 


50 minute sessions

4 Sessions Tota

$560 CAD

The best progress is made when we have commitment and accountability to see the results we dream of come true! Save money and take the reins of your health. You can and will see progress if you commit to showing up! 



 50 minute sessions

6 Sessions Total

$810 CAD

This package is for those who are facing real nutrition problems and want to see long-term, sustainable change. I will provide support and counseling for multiple months as we work to see real transformation in your health and symptoms. 



50 minute sessions

10 Sessions Total

$1200 CAD

We all know true lasting transformation doesn't come overnight. It takes courage, discipline, and accountability. Working with me over 10 sessions will ensure you are able to maintain the changes you are making so you can become your ideal self!  

Pencil and notepad

What Can I help You with?

Weight Loss

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

Plant-Based Family

Healthy Pregnancy

General Health and Wellness Focused

Meal Planning

Controlling and Reversing Diabetes and Heart Disease

Managing Cancer Risk and Cancer Symptoms 

GERD, GI trouble

Gluten Intolerance/Celiac 

And More!!

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