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Free Consultation


15 minutes 


Are you a resident of Alberta? Have nutrition questions? Want to know what a nutritionist can do for you? Want to know what to expect? Schedule a free consultation to answer questions and see what I can do for you.

Available in Alberta, Canada

Online Nutrition Counseling.png

Nutrition Check-Up


1 hour 15 minutes


Meet with me for an hour and 15 minutes to discuss where your nutrition is and discuss some steps you can take to move forward. 

This is great for those who just want to know if they are on track. In this session, we can discuss what further nutrition care might look like.

Available in Alberta, Canada

Package Counseling.png

Get Started Package 


1 Initial Appointment

2 Follow-up Appointments


This package is great for those interested in getting back on track with their health. This is a great package for those who are self-motivated. We will focus on setting you up for success after the end of our appointments, so you can continue to improve your health on your own.  

Available in Alberta, Canada 

Transformation Package 


1 Initial Appointment

4 Follow-up Appointments


This package is for those who are facing real nutrition problems and want to see long-term, sustainable change. I will provide support and counseling for multiple months as we work to see real transformation in your health and symptoms. 

Available in Alberta, Canada

Plant-Forward Makeover

Online or In-Person

1 Initial Appointment

1 Grocery Store Tour

1 Personalized Cooking Class

1 Week Menu with Support

1 Follow-Up Appointment 


Excited to kick start a plant-based lifestyle? This package is full of practical offerings including a grocery store tour, menu, and cooking class. These can be online or in-person depending on government restrictions. 

Available in Alberta, Canada

Grocery Store Tour.png

Grocery Store Tour


1 hour


Learn how to read a label, how to shop to promote health, and get some ideas for some delicious recipes. Ask as many questions as 1 hour will allow. 

Available to anyone, anywhere

How can I counsel you?

Pencil and notepad

Weight Loss

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

Controlling and Reversing Diabetes 

Managing or Reversing Heart Disease

Managing Cancer Risk and Cancer Symptoms 

Plant-Based Lifestyle (All Ages) 

Healthy Pregnancy

GERD, GI trouble

Gluten Intolerance/Celiac 

Plant-Based Family 

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