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The Surprising Truth About Weight Loss

Can you believe we are already on our way to Spring? We have a lot to look forward to in the next few months, a few of those being a trip to Mexico and my sister's wedding.

Being 9 months postpartum has got me wanting to return to my pre-pregnancy body. I've lost weight steadily from breastfeeding, but about 2 months ago I hit a plateau. My body is either comfortable here or is holding onto those last 10 pounds for my baby's sake. Either way, I'm ready to feel my best, and so I've set a goal to lose some weight over the next 2 months.

Thankfully, The Truth About Weight Loss Summit equipped me with a lot of really good information. Never heard of that summit? I recommend signing up to stay in the loop for next year!

Want to know what tip I learned that has changed my perspective on weight loss?


Yep., it's true!

Eating a heavy starch-based diet is the best way to lose weight. Why? Because starches are full of water, fiber, and therefore weight!

Your body wants to eat a hearty 3-4 pounds of food a day, but you aren't able to eat that much weight without overeating calories if your diet contains a lot of fat (carbs are 4 cals/gram where fat is 9), which is primarily found in meat, dairy, processed foods, nuts, and nut butter, or oils).

The best way to lose weight is if your body doesn't feel deprived, so by filling up on wet starches (all types of potatoes, whole grains, squashes, bean or whole-grain noodles, and legumes) you are getting the amount of food (by weight) that your body wants, without overdoing it in calories.

For me, switching to a more starch-based diet has led me to make a lot of hearty soups (full of grains, legumes, veggies, and therefore lots of fiber and water) and to start steaming potatoes (white, sweet, or other varieties) once a week to use to make potato wedges as a side or main portion of our meals or adding them to other things I prepared to bulk up the weight. You can also use them to bake or eat them as breakfast (sweet potatoes are great for this!).

Other ways you can adopt a more starch-based diet for weight loss is eating steel-cut or rolled oats and adding a vegetable like grated zucchini into it, cooking grains to use in bowls, making pasta with whole wheat or legume-based pasta, or making soups that use grains or legumes as a main portion of the ingredients.

I hope you've learned something! And if weight loss is a goal of yours this spring, try adding more starch and using fewer nuts, seeds, oils, or animal products in your diet.

In health,


Leave a comment with YOUR Favorite Potato Dish and how you think you could make it less oily!

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