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Easy Blueberry Mug Muffin

Need a quick snack or craving a warm dessert?

Try this super easy recipe for a blueberry muffin, just one, that you make in the microwave!

Easily made vegan and gluten-free, these also don't call for any egg or oil like many traditional mug muffins or cakes do.

Try this healthy muffin for breakfast, a snack, or a dessert when the cold weather has you craving something warm and steamy.

The only advice I have is to start with 1 minute and 30 seconds, and then cook for an additional 15 seconds until "done". You should know it's done when the top and sides are no longer doughy, but pull away from the sides easily like a sponge!

Try to pick a smaller mug or a mug that has thinner walls to help you succeed in cooking it evenly throughout.

Feel free to top yours with some chocolate chips or almond butter. Or just enjoy it as a simple blueberry muffin.

It's actually so moist and delicious that I think I prefer this to a baked muffin! Vegan baked muffins are so hard to get moist.

Wondering what makes this so moist? It's the yogurt or applesauce that you use as the thickener/binder. The vegan milk and sweetener help too (I use maple syrup).

If you aren't going to use a sweetener, I recommend adding 1 more tablespoon of milk to ensure it doesn't dry out.

I've tried it with both an oat flour/ vegan yogurt combo, and a sprouted wheat flour/applesauce combo. Both are delicious!

Give it a try.

Want to print it?

The Plant-Forward RDMug Muffin
Download PDF • 598KB

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